Logistic services for trekking through the valley of the Tarn.

Customized trekking-services for those who prefer organizing most of their holiday plans themselves
Tarn River valley in the Grands Causses Nature Park in South of France


ITIVAL is not a tour operator, but provides related services as well for tourists as for guesthouses and tour operators in our region: the Valley of the Tarn between Albi and Millau.

For all-inclusive walking or cycling packages in South of France  email your query or click here

You can seek Itival assistance for all of some of the following services

  • hikers services

  • Bags transfer (we do the reservation, you pay yourself)

  • Storage of bags and bike cases during you touring

  • Bike rental (we do the reservation, you pay yourself)

  • Composing a customized walk or bike tour for you

  • Providing maps and route notes.

  • Preparation of the reservation of campings, hotels and guesthouses.

  • Reserving the rooms for you: not booking them, we do the reservation, you pay yourself.

  • Contact, help, assistance, interpreter.

  • Traveling information train (trainline), bus or air to the start of your tour.

  • Any other services you can think of.

  • We  can do all services of reservation (not booking!) for you of hotel rooms, bagstransfer and bike rental.

    We plan the whole of your walk or bike tour except that we will not  pay the hotels, taxis and bike rental. We will provide you with the names of the providers, their bank-details for international wire and reserve in your name. For this we will quote you a reservation-and-planning-charge

  • You can take any of the packages of  La Ligne Verte and we will do all reservations for you. You will confirm and pay for the bookings. But if you want this package wholly tour-operated however, we will refer you to La Ligne Verte

For using our assistance with your walking or cycling projects you can contact us at

Tel. : (+33) 0674926314        

email:     bevort.francois@orange.fr



Additional services with your self-organized holiday in sunny South of France.

For the organisation of a whole walk or bike tour in Tarn Valleu see the website of   La Ligne verte


Itival cooperates with La Ligne Verte (valac.nl a tour-operator in this region of France). Itival is offering additional logistic services as well as lodging to travelers, walkers, cyclists as well as to professional providers of holiday journeys in Tarn Valley between Albi and Millau

 vallee du tarn
Albi-Millau following river Tarn



We can offer additional services like: 

  • Bags transfer (hikers and bikers) along Tarn River in Aveyron and Tarn.
  • Help with bike rental, also for e-bikes at local bike renters.
  • We have some bike of ourselves for rent available. Limited quantities - first come, first serve.
  • Compose your activity journey in Tarn valley (We live there since 2008).
  • We can provide maps, route notes and GPS-tracks.
  • Help with (pre-reservation of rooms in hotels and chambres d'hôtes.
  • Contact, assistence, tolk, travelinformation.
  • Temporary stockage of bagage, tents, bikes.



Tel.: +33674926314        

email:      bevort.francois@orange.fr    



Trekking in the Grands Causses and in Tarn Valley
(Millau, St.Affrique, Pays de Roquefort, Gorges des Raspes du Tarn, Gorges du Tarn, Sud-Aveyron)

Travelling to Aveyron


Travelling to the Grands Causses by car
Take the A1, (A4) to Paris

Travelling to AveyronAfter the airport Charles de Gaulle you will follow the direction of Bordeaux / Nantes (de A3) untill you're on the

Boulevard Périphérique (BP). Very Short after the Porte d’Italie you leave the BP in the direction of Bordeaux / Nantes. You'll end up on the

A10. Continue following signs to Bordeaux / Nantes and later  Clermont Ferrand. After Orléans you'll be on the

A71. From Clermont Ferrand it is about 3 hours driving on the A75 to Millau on  a splendid tollfree highway. The first place in Aveyron will be Sévérac-le-Chateau.

If you have to be in Millau follow "CENTRE" to the big roundabout with a fountain, Place du Mandarous.

If you're destination is Millau you have a car-parking in Parking Emma Calvé (30 euro for a week)

If your hotel is Chateau de Creissels you have to drive 2 more kms. Take direction Albi and St.Affrique and cross the bridge over the Tarn. Turn right towards St.Affrique. You'll see the Chateau at your right hand side.

From Millau to St.Affrique  (direction Albi) is another 30 minutes (D992/D999).




Travelling to the Grands Causses by train and bus
  • From Paris (Gare du Lyon), from Airport Charles-de-Gaulle or from Brussels:
    Take the TGV to Montpellier or Beziers.
  • From Brussels
  • From Barcelona: Train to Beziers and change on train (TER) to Millau:
    Departure from
    Beziers: 18h26. Arival  20h21 (Millau) or
    Train to Montpellier and change on bus (Herault Transports or SNCF-TER) to Millau.

    The journey takes about 2 hrs to Millau and Creissels, 2½ hrs to St. Affrique (with SNCF-TER), bikes free.
  • From Beziers carry by train to Millau: From Monday through Sunday there is a possibility of travelling to Millau by train.

  • BEZIERS departure 18h14 train:  78962 arrival Millau 20:10
    • From Toulouse and Albi.




 General information on train and bus (Montpellier-Millau)

  • The winter schedule of the SNCF changes to summer schedule in June.

  • From Paris Gare du Nord u Gare de Lyon
    -  For overnight trains to Rodez, Millau and Albi: take Metro Line 5 direction Place d'Italie and change at Gare d'Austerlitz.
    -  For day trains TGV to Montpellier: take RER line D to Gare de Lyon.

  • From CDG to ORY takes 1h30

Contact: Tel:
SNCF railway station in Millau, Tel: 0565 603 402
SNCF general informations, Tel: 0836 353 535
Bus Company Hérault Transports Tel: 0434 888 999
SNCF general informations, Tel: 0836 353 535
Busses Millau - Toulouse. 
S.A. Verdie
Tel: 0562 189 494 / 0562 188 454.
Busses Millau - Rodez. Tel: 0565 598 933
Busses Rodez - St. Affrique. Company Mouls Tel: 0565 990 587


Train & Bus to Grands Causses via Toulouse and Albi
to the lower Valley of the Tarn.
From Paris to Toulouse, Albi and St.Affrique and Millau by bus company Verdie.
TGV from Paris-Gare d'Austerlitz to Toulouse
  From Toulouse to Albi and Aveyron (Millau) by train and bus.
Toulouse railway station Matabiau - Albi - Millau

Company Albi Departure to Millau (2 hours travel)
Train: Almost every hour SNCF
60 minutes to
Albi Monday through Saturday: 08:35; 15:23; 19:33
Bus Verdie Company not on Sunday
Bus: 13:50 h Bus Verdie 15:23 h Monday through Saturday: 15:23; 19:33
Bus Verdie Company not on Sunday
Bus: 18:00 h Bus Verdie 19:33 h Monday through Saturday: 19:33
Bus Verdie Company not on Sunday

Travelling to the Grands Causses from an airport

For our walks and bike-tours in Grands Causses in South of France you can fly in to Paris, Toulouse, Rodez, Montpellier or Beziers.

  • Toulouse
    For all walks in Dordogne valley: train to Souillac
    For all walks in the Cathars area: train to carcassonne
    For all walks starting in Albi: train to Albi
  • Montpellier
    For all walks in Grands Causses, Aveyron and Rodez
  • Paris
    For all walks and bike-tours in the Grands Causses: TGV to Montpellier and bus to Millau.
    For all walks in Aveyron, Rodez or Conques: Train to Toulouse
    For all walks and bike-tours starting in Albi, in Dordogne valley and in the Cathars area: TGV to Toulouse
  • Rodez
    For all walks and bike-tours in Aveyron, Grands Causses and Albi: Fly out from London Stansted, Brussels-Charleroi, Dublin, Porto to Rodez.
  • Beziers (From Dusseldorf Weeze)
    For all walks and bike-tours in Grands Causses and Cathars area:
    Direct train connection to Millau-Grands Causses and Carcassonne

    Travelling to the Grands Causses Nature Park:
Flying in to Rodez Airport.

Connections at Rodez airport:

No busses. You'll have to take a taxi. Tourist Services France can arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport and bring you to your first hotel.
Costs of transfer for 5 persons + luggage. (Prices 2013)
From Rodez Airport to your hotel in:

Rodez-aeroport to Millau € 160
Rodez-aeroport to Creissels € 160
Rodez-aeroport to St.Affrique € 180
Rodez-aeroport to Broquiès € 170
Rodez-aeroport to Albi € 160

Cost of transfers on Sundays and evenings: add 50%, costs of returns to airport are not included.

Flying in to Toulouse

From Toulouse-Airport you take the shuttle-bus to SNCF railway (and bus) station Toulouse Matabiau (20 minutes) and from there the train to Albi (1 hour), or by bus from Toulouse (13:45hr) to Albi and ahead to  St. Affrique and Millau.

Surf to this page for all details Toulouse-Millau-Toulouse.

Flying in to Montpellier:

Low cost carriers:

From Brussels-Charleroi with Ryanair
From Amsterdam with Transavia.com
From London Gatwick with easyJet.com
From Frankfurt-Hahn with Ryanair.com
From Madrid with Iberia
From Copenhagen with Sterling.dk

Connections at the airport of Montpellier (Aéroport Fréjorgues = Aéroport Méditerranée)
Shuttlebus to the SNCF railway station of Montpellier (15 minutes from the airport to railway and bus station).

From Montpellier railway station by bus (SNCF and Hérault Transports) to Millau and St.Affrique and Rodez (SNCF only).

Return-journey to Montpellier airport
At 6:50 by bus from Millau to Montpellier arrival at 09:05 plus 20 minutes to airport; or:

At 8.35 by bus from Millau to Montpellier arrival at 10:10 plus 20 minutes to airport. 

Flying in to Paris

From Paris 2 options:
1) From Airport CDG metro to Paris, Gare de Lyon (45 minutes). There you will take the TGV-train to Montpellier (about 5 hours) and in Montpellier you will take the bus (SNCF or Hérault Transports) to Millau (2 hours).
2) If you don't want to go to Paris Centre, you can take also the TGV at Paris airport Charles De Gaulle and travel  directly to Montpellier (4 or 5 hours).

Flying in to Carcassonne with Ryanair

From Carcassone to Millau and St. Affrique

Carcassone       train Béziers       train Millau
Dep: 07:44 Arr:  08:28    Dep: 09:10 Arr: 10:58
Dep: 11:33 Arr:  12:18    Dep: 12:38 Arr: 14:29
Dep: 15:13 Arr:  15:57    Dep: 18:26 Arr: 20:21
Dep: 16:54 Arr:  17:38    Dep: 18:14 Arr: 20:10
  For St. Affrique change in Tournemire and call a taxi to go to St. Affrique.